Nanites are the fans of actress Nana Visitor, who currently plays Roxie in the musical "Chicago" and is probably best known for playing Major Kira on Deep Space 9.

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  • Information about FBTS, the fanclub of Nana Visitor and Alexander Siddig, is available here.
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  • news: Nana & Sid are doing a Slanted Fedora con in Kansas, August 27.

    The Nanites sites on

    Last updated: we're not really on-line yet, still developing
    Wendy's page

    Artwork and more
    Brigitta's page
    translations of fan fiction into German
    Fan Fiction, aus dem Englischen ins Deutsche übertragen
    Cat's page

    content: wait and see
    Georg's page

    Mini bio, conversion tools, fields of interest
    Goldfinger's page
    Goldbars are a boy's best friends
    [dummy entry]
    Dr No's page
    world conquest through hi-tech!
    [dummy entry]
    The following sites are run by Nanites outside of
    NanaVision, run by Mel, is the official website of Nana's side of Far Beyond The Stars.
    The Observatory by Georg Buthe is the authorized site for the European Nanites
    Visitor Space is run by Mirrani and is a great work of admiration for our favourite actress.
    Shuffle off to Terok Nor by Bob Vigliano will tell you anything you ever wanted to know about the Intendant.
    The Kira Locale is run by Blanche Cohen.
    Dakhur Central by Fliss is the place for Kira fan fiction.

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