Nanites are the fans of actress Nana Visitor, currently playing Roxie in the musical "Chicago" and probably best known for playing Major Kira on Deep Space 9.

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  • Information about FBTS, the fanclub of Nana Visitor and Alexander Siddig, is available here.
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    Blofeld's page
    how to groom cats and kill your enemies
    [dummy entry]
    Georg's Place
    Mini bio, conversion tools, fields of interest
    The Pink Panther's Place
    sponsored by People for Eating of Tasty Animals
    [dummy entry]
    Fu Man Chu's place
    meet the yellow peril
    [dummy entry]
    Goldfinger's place
    Goldbars are a boy's best friends
    [dummy entry]
    Dr No's Place
    world conquest through hi-tech!
    [dummy entry]
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