Far Beyond the Stars

The Official Fan Club for Nana Visitor

Beginning in September 1999, Far Beyond the Stars replaces Nanites and Doctor's Exchange as the official fan club for Nana Visitor and Alexander Siddig. We will continue to use Nanites as a label for Nana's side of the fanclub.

Please join us as we continue with our support and interest in the career of actor Nana Visitor. Far Beyond the Stars focuses on Nana Visitor - her various enterprises on stage and screen, and of course, Star Trek.

Fan club memberships include: Membership booklet with biographies Autographed photo of Nana & Sid (if you prefer an autographed photo of JUST Nana, please request at the time you join), bimonthly newsletter.

To join the fan club:
If you live in the US, send $25US payable to Gayle.
In the UK send 22 pounds sterling to Karen.
In Germany, send 75 DM or 32 Euro to Georg.
In other overseas countries you may send either 22 pounds sterling to Karen or $35US to Gayle.

for North American members: send $15 US to Gayle
for British members: send 14 pounds to Karen
for German members: send 40 DM to Georg
other countries: send $20 US to any of the above
Merchandise: please send your order to Gayle

Gayle Stever
P.O. Box 11261
Scottsdale, AZ 86271-1261
Karen Colohan
3 Whites Close
Greenhithe, Kent, DA9 9JL 
Georg Buthe
Lützenkirchener Str. 137
51381 Leverkusen


FBTS supports the following charities by selling various items like autographed photos etc:

The Heifer Project (http://www.heifer.org) offers hungry families around the world a way to feed themselves and become self-reliant.
Habitat for Humanity (http://www.habitat.org) is dedicated to providing decent, affordable housing.
Doctors Without Borders (http://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/) sends medical relief to victims of armed conflict, natural and man-made disasters, and epidemics.
The National Multiple Sclerosis Society (http://www.nmss.org/) is dedicated to ending the devastating effects of MS.

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