... to the Nanites.com domain. The idea behind this place is to create a community site for everyone who considers himself/herself a Nanite and who might be interested in building their own small place on the web in a friendly environment, with free webspace and free advice and technical support. The objective is to increase the feeling of community among Nanites, and hopefully we will have fun while doing this. I'll provide extensive support, so that even Nanites with no technical knowledge beyond how to send an e-mail can participate.

The details

  • Content: Participants will receive a small amount of webspace on Nanites.com for building a personal website under the common Nanites roof here. If the content is about Nana/Kira/DS9 that's great, but not at all required. If you want to talk about yourself and your hobbies and for example give 99 tips on how to raise dogs, that's perfectly okay, as long as there is a somewhere a reference to Nana or the Nanites on your page.
  • Limitations: You'll have 1 MegaByte webspace at your disposal. If you need more then we'll look whether that's possible. We'll do our best to provide the best possible service for as many people as possible. People who are new to building websites will receive preferential treatment over veterans, but if the space is available, then people who already have sites on the web can request one of the available slots.
  • How to publish your material: It should be possible for a novice to learn the bare-bones-minimum requirements of building a site in less than a day (of course, learning the finer points of the art takes much, much longer). If you think that this is currently beyond your capabilities, you can instead e-mail me the material that you want uploaded, and I'll handle the rest for you.
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